Your customer service Help-mymanuals allows you to terminate your subscription simply and quickly with a few clicks.


What you need to know about

You have subscribed to a subscription with and you have a sample labelled Don't worry, this is quite normal, you remain the customer of is an online platform that manages many tasks related to's business, including customer service. Thus on our online platform you have the possibility to manage your subscription or to find advice from our advisors. You should be aware that your subscription is subject to several conditions:

No minimum commitment period

Quick, free and instant termination

A quick response to your contacts makes it a point of honour to respect all these conditions and to offer you a subscription that you are free to terminate.

How to cancel your subscription?

It is possible to cancel your subscription for several via our online platform. Termination of your subscription is completely free and instantaneous!

Go to the termination section and follow the instructions given to you. You will first have to fill in the email address with which you subscribed to your subscription. Then you will have to authenticate yourself as a human being using the CAPTCHA test. Finally, all you have to do is validate your cancellation so that it is instantaneous!

If you have a problem with the termination of your subscription, you can contact the advisors. It is possible to contact our advisors:

Our advisors will be happy to help you with the termination of your subscription.