As an after-sales service provider, is an intermediary between you and Thus it is up to us to proceed with refunds related to services. The refund process is obviously validated beforehand by the services of, of course this procedure is totally free and secure.

Refund conditions and data security

In order to ensure that refunds are totally secure, has been obliged to accept payments by credit card such as Mastercard or Visa for example. Thanks to this, we benefit from the security systems set up by the blue card providers. This allows us to guarantee the security of your banking and personal data.

When a banking transaction is carried out on, a data encryption system is set up so that no one has access to your banking data. Thus, the minimum information required to complete a transaction is recorded. Thus we do not have all the banking data of customers, only the data necessary to set up a refund procedure.

Thus the only actions we can take as a service partner is to consult customer files and then refund them if the procedure is validated by

Means of refund

The refund can only be made on the credit card used when you subscribe to We cannot use any other means of payment to make a refund, this is to protect all data of customers.

The data kept for reimbursement purposes is checked regularly to avoid any misuse of the data. Thus we make it a point of honour to secure the personal and banking data of customers.

Do not oppose

In the event of a disagreement with, you are invited to contact our after-sales service so that we can reach a common agreement. We will do everything in our power to satisfy you and finish your customer experience at on a positive note. Our objective is that you do not have to go to your bank and pay additional fees caused by a debit card charge. With our customer satisfaction approach, we aim to offer the most appropriate solutions to customers.